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Service & Prices

All 806Communications Employees are Microsoft Certified Technicians 

All 806Communications Employees are Apple Certified Technicians 

Services Currently Offered by 806Communications

General Labor $42.50/hr

Price of General Labor includes the setting up the Hardware & Software

Service Call $40.00

Includes Picking up, Droping off, and Setting up your computer within a 24 hour period

Data Transfer $50.00/hr

Backup of your data before any issue is repaired on the computer

Reinstallations of OS $65.00/hr

Customer Provided Disk / Disks 
Formatting Hard Disk Drive, A Custom install can be requested by the customer, if not a standard installation will be done

Computer Optimization $25.00

Includes AVG Anti-Virus FREE edition, AUS logistics Disk Defragmenter,
C-Cleaner and Spybot search and destroy

Network Setup $47.50/hr

This price includes setup of Wired and Wireless networks with customized settings along with setup of VoIP phones, Wi-Fi Printers, Security Cameras, and Keypad Entry system. 

Monthly Computer & Network Maintenance $175.00/Month

This service offers twice monthly visits within our 15 mile service area to check complete computer network, software updates and general computer maintenance with up to 5 computers/5 users Prices vary for larger networks

Mileage $0.50/Mile

Mileage is charged when the repair is out of our Home Service Area. We include a 15 mile Service Area.

All rates are stated in either an hourly rate or a set rate. 

With a monthly maintenance plan, you will be billed a monthly fee of $175.00 and this will cover 4 hours of  general labor and repair. If at 4 hours, we are not completed, you will be charged our general labor rate of $42.50 per hour until the job is completed. Payment is due upon completion and made payable to 806Communications. 

Service Calls: a service call is a flat fee you will be charged $40.00 per service call where we come to your location to diagnose a potential problem or current problem. Once problem is found, then you have the choice if you want us to repair the problem or paying the general labor rate of $42.50 per hour until job is finished or just leave problem alone. 

Computer Optimization: is a flat rate fee of $25.00. 

Discounts: All discounts will be applied at the time of services rendered at the discretion of Management.